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GREMCO Company


Many years of experience in custom-made products for individual applications and industries

Since 1990 we have served customers around the globe helping design wire harness systems and supplying high quality components. Modern manufacturing facilities in Europe, USA and Mexico provide reliable and durable products meeting all common industry specifications. We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to your requirements and develop dependable, economical solutions for your applications.


GREMCO’s headquarters are located in Augsburg, Germany. We successfully serve customers around the world while keeping close cooperation with our most important research and manufacturing partners, MARKEL and VITRICA.

GREMCO company cooperation

High Efficiency – High Responsibility

From day one GREMCO has committed to meet and exceed all relevant environmental, health and safety standards for protection of our environment and our people. We are continuously striving to reduce energy, emissions and waste.

Our company at a glance

  • Operating internationally
  • Manufacturing facilities in Europe, America, Mexico and Asia
  • High environmental standards
  • Trademark Fitco®
  • Quality management ISO 9001:2015
  • High material competence
  • Complete system solutions
  • Wide product variety
  • Custom designs
  • Special manufacturing

Local Know-how – Global Competence.

Cooperation partner Vitrica.

Starting back in the mid 1990’s GREMCO and VITRICA have worked closely with their automotive customers developing a wide range of heat protection products primarily made out of glass fiber braid.

VITRICA, based in Toluca, Mexico, has extensive experience in the production of glass fiber tubing with a variety of high-tech coatings. These products are used successfully to protect sensitive components from extensive heat. Automotive, aerospace, marine and industrial applications require innovative solutions in increasingly challenging environments.

Cooperation partner New England Wire Technologies.

Our most recent partnership with this privately held company in NH/USA is leading to new markets and future industries. Their capabilities in designing innovative wire and cable products are appreciated in the rapidly growing market of Electromobility. In addition NEWT has extensive experience in developing and extrusion precision plastic tubing out of high-tech materials used for medical applications.

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