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High-pressure and gas hoses from GREMCO

GREMCO high pressure hoses


As one of Europe’s manufacturing leaders of high-pressure hoses and gas hoses, you can expect an established top product. Since the company was founded in 1990, GREMCO has cooperated with numerous partners in the field of gas applications, with the result that we are now able to offer a wide range of hose models, for compressed and speciality gases.

Our GREMCO high-pressure hoses are equipped with an inner core made of extruded PTFE, PFA or ETFE, which can be supplied with a smooth or corrugated surface finish upon request. In case of a PTFE inner core, there is the option to produce the high-pressure hose with fully antistatic properties, or with an antistatic inner layer.

Classically, the hose is covered with one or two layers of high-quality stainless-steel braiding, but there is also the alternative of using a combination of the sturdy stainless-steel and hard-wearing Kevlar®. The production of all components is done with the utmost care to ensure maximum quality standards, for both the inner tube and the braided cover.

Basically, GREMCO offers two different types of industrial high-pressure hoses – the FITCO®Hose General Purpose for generic applications, and the FITCO®Hose Easy Bend with good bending radius.


FITCO®Hose general purpose

The FITCO®Hose General Purpose is excellent for applications requiring chemical resistance and can withstand high pressure up to 965 bar. In addition, the high-pressure hose for general purposes can easily be used in high operating temperature work areas. The inner core of this product has a smooth surface structure and is supported by one to two outer braided layers.


FITCO®Hose easy bend

The special feature of FITCO®Hose Easy Bend is its extraordinary pliability and unique flexibility. Thanks to the corrugated inner hose, tight bending radii of up to 18 mm can be achieved without sacrificing low diffusion rates or high-temperature resistance. Thanks to the outer braiding made of steel wire, the robust, chemical-resistant inner core is protected against environmental influences and thus ensures a long service life.

All GREMCO high-pressure hoses can also be ordered in cut-to-length pieces. In this case, a particularly gentle technique is used which inductively heats the braided wire. In this way, the entire high-pressure hose is precisely cut to size without damaging the braiding. Upon customer request, dimensional lengths can be produced that are perfectly adapted to your application.

If you have any questions or suggestions, our GREMCO customer service is at your disposal at any time and will provide you with professional and uncomplicated support from product selection to delivery.

Our GREMCO high pressure hoses
are available with both a smooth and corrugated interior.

FITCO®Hose General Purpose

Features of GREMCO high pressure hoses

Material: Steel braid/PTFE Variants: wavy/smooth Request now
Color: metallic silver Special feature: chemically very resistant

Other versions

Material: Steel braid/PTFE Variants: wavy/smooth Request now
Color: metallic silver Special feature: tight bending radii

Specific Application Possibilities & Advantages

  • Allows high bending radii
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Extruded PTFE for higher pressure resistance
  • High temperature resistant
FITCO®Hose Easy Bend

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