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Corrugated insulation pipe

Insulating hose corrugated tubes


GREMCO corrugated tubes are the optimal abrasion and chafe protection for efficient cable management, electrical wires and cables as well as for the protection of plastic hoses. Our corrugated pipes are insulating pipes which are made of plastic and whose surface is formed into a wave-like shape, giving them varying diameters. This special architecture of the corrugated pipe gives the form-stable material a certain flexibility and movement space, which also simplifies the installation process. The material used can be varied between different types of plastic, from PVC to PTFE, thus adapting to application-specific requirements. After determining the most suitable base material, the corrugated tube is heat-set, which also gives it its mechanical protection properties.

This cable protection option is a cost-effective way to be used, for example, in vehicle wiring, air-conditioning hoses or fuel hoses. In addition, our corrugated tubes are also available in a slotted version for easy retrofitting.

When choosing between the different corrugated hose materials (polypropylene, polyamide, etc.), please feel free to contact our expert GREMCO customer service. We will help you quickly and straightforwardly with your individual application.

Our GREMCO corrugated pipe insulation hoses
are also available in a slotted version for retrofitting.

GREMCO Abrasion and chafing protection

Features of GREMCO Insulating Corrugated Tubing

Material: PP/PA and more Temperature range: depending on material Request now
Color: Black / more on request Special feature: retrofittable

Specific Application Possibilities & Advantages

  • Abrasion and scuff protection
  • High mechanical stability & flexibility
  • Cost efficient
  • Retrofit installation possible
Cable protection product from GREMCO

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