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PTFE and FEP wires

PTFE/FEP wires & cables


GREMCO’s PTFE/FEP wires and cables are characterized by their high-temperature resistance of up to 260°C under continuous load. They are also self-extinguishing, non-flammable and remarkably chemically resistant. Due to their very thin insulation, PTFE/FEP cables can be easily installed with minimum space requirements.

PTFE cables offer higher temperature resistance and are also superior to FEP cables in mechanical applications. On the other hand, FEP cables are more flexible and easier to manufacture.

Both cables are used in high-temperature areas of the automotive industry, in oven wirings and in temperature sensors and switches.

With GREMCO, both current and special metric and AWG cross-sections are possible. Please try our competent technical customer service, and we will help you as quickly and professionally as possible.

Our GREMCO PTFE/FEP wires & cables offer all relevant metric and AWG cross sections.

GREMCO cables made with PTFE

Features of GREMCO PTFE/FEP wires & cables

Material: PTFE/FEP Temperature range: up to + 260°C Request now
Color: individual Sizes: all relevant AWGS / more on request

Specific Application Possibilities & Advantages

  • Temperatures up to 260°C
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Thin insulation
Heat-resilient PTFE or FEP cable

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