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Coaxial cables for high-frequency ranges

Coaxial cables / Coax cables


GREMCO coaxial cables (coax cables) are designed for optimal usage in high frequency ranges. Coaxial cables are two-pole cables, which are composed of an inner conductor and outer conductor. While the conductors are made of copper, the surrounding protective sheath can vary between different materials. Thus, different temperature ranges of operating conditions can be served. Due to the high-quality outer conductor, the inner conductors of GREMCO coaxial cable are excellently shielded from interference radiation. We pay close attention to the fulfillment of the best possible electrical values, such as those of attenuation, capacitance and characteristic impedance.

Our industrial coaxial cables are available in different variations (RG400, RG142 etc.). In addition, due to our high stock capacity, we are able to offer the cables on call for you – of course at market-driven prices and the usual high quality.

Thanks to versatile application possibilities, our coaxial cables can be found in various applications from aviation, for GPS receivers to satellite dishes.

GREMCO’s coaxial cables offer optimal electrical values in attenuation, capacitance and characteristic impedance.

Coaxial wires directly from the manufacturer

Features of GREMCO coaxial cables

Material: Copper Temperature range: Envelope dependent Request now
Color: Bronze Sizes: All common AWG / more on request

Specific Application Possibilities & Advantages

  • Very good electrical damping
  • High electrical capacitance
  • Excellent electrical characteristic impedance
  • Available upon demand
GREMCO coaxial cable

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