Heat-Shrinkable Fabric Sleeves

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GREMCO FITCOFLEX braided tube variation

Shrink fabric tubing


Our high-quality as well as universally applicable fabric shrink tubing made of PET multifilament is characterized by its very good shrinking behavior. The material consists of PET multifilament, which protects against abrasion. The woven structure prevents moisture accumulation inside the shrinkable FITCOFLEX® HS fabric hose. It also features a more efficient installation time, as it can be effortlessly shrunk to a 2:1 shrink ratio downstream. The high flexibility and the firm fit of the shrinkable fabric sleeve allow an excellent adaptability to the element to be enclosed, and the woven structure successfully avoids the formation of condensation. It is mainly used to protect hoses, cable harnesses, etc. from mechanical abrasion, but in addition it also acts as a rattle protection. Thanks to its high fabric stability, the shrink tubing is particularly qualified for use in automotive production. The shrinkable fabric hose can meet the demanding operating conditions in the engine compartment and is ideally suited for protecting, e.g., charge air lines, servo lines, oil lines or even hydraulic lines. Our fabric shrink tubing is often compared with products such as TE’s HFT 5000, as it shares a similar construction as well as the properties.

The very good chemical resistance of the shrinkable fabric hose makes it suitable for use in various other fields such as different subsections of automotive manufacturing, environmental technology and industry. This is because its low intrinsic weight coupled with its high flexibility makes FITCOFLEX® HS fabric shrink tubing ideal for a wide range of applications. Due to the absence of halogens during production, FITCOFLEX® HS also poses no danger in the event of fire.

Our heat shrink FITCOFLEX® fabric tubing is also available halogen-free.

FITCOFLEX® heat-shrink fabric hose made of PET

Features of shrink fabric tubing

Material: PET- Multifilament Temperature range: – 55°C to + 125°C Request now
Color: black Shrinking temperature: +180°C
Storage temperature: 60°C Shrink ratio: 2:1

Specific applications & advantages

  • Bundling
  • Kink and abrasion protection
  • Time-saving in comparison to conventional fabric hoses due to faster installation and subsequent shrinking
  • Prevents water, heat and moisture entrapment in the hose
FITCOFLEX® heat-shrink fabric hose made of PET

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