Nomex® / aramid braided tubing

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Nomex® aramid braided tubing


Nomex® aramid braided tubing is an excellent solution for protecting cables and wires from abrasion, cuts and environmental influences. Made from high quality aramid fibers, Nomex® fabric hoses offer outstanding mechanical and thermal properties. Consequently, the sleeves are widely used in diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive, electrical and military.

A general distinction is made between two types of aramid fibers: para-aramid and meta-aramid. Both fibers are made of polyamide polymers, but differ in their chemical structure. Para-aramid fibers such as Kevlar® are stiffer and have a higher tensile strength than meta-aramid fibers. On the other hand, meta-aramid fibers such as Nomex® have better thermal stability and flame resistance than para-aramid fibers. Our product portfolio includes both variants.

Our aramid braided tubing is available in various diameters and lengths.

Features of Nomex® aramid braided tubing

Material: Aramid Temperature range: -196°C to +350°C Request now
Color: Ivory, Olive Green Monofilament thickness:
Fire Behaviour: self-extinguishing Special feature: extremely resistant to abraison

Other versions

Material: Aramide Temperature range: -55°C to +280°C Request now
Color: Yellow Monofilament thickness:
Fire behaviour: Special feature: Not inflamable

Specific applications & advantages

  • Mechanical protection
  • Excellent tensile resistance
  • High flexibility
  • Thermal protection
  • Chemical resistance

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