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Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) coils


GREMCO FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) coils are exclusively produced from certified and PFOA-free material and has sustainably established itself for the usage in UV water purification systems. The FEP material is translucent and insensitive to degradation induced by 254 nm UV wavelengths. Furthermore, FEP coil tubing has a high transmission rate and is very clear. This makes our FEP coils ideal for water transport as part of the cleaning cycle and guarantees a high sterilization rate.

You benefit from GREMCO’s technological edge while receiving a high-quality and cost-effective product solution delivered in lengths. The special manufacturing process allows individual customization of the product and promises the highest efficiency in transporting large amounts of water with proximity to the UV lamps.

GREMCO also offers customized design options for your specific application of FEP coils:

The sizes of the coils can be tailored and delivered exactly to your needs and personal equipment designs. Thus, whether heavy wall pressure tube coils or minimal wall gravity tube coils, they can be customized to fit any design. For example, GREMCO produces the largest tube diameter to coil diameter ratio in the industry, in bulk, which allows the highest UV radiation transmission while maximizing water flow. Of course, cut lengths, or long lengths, of coiled tubing can also be matched as needed. The coil ends may also be formed to fit your connections.

We, as an experienced manufacturer, are always available for professional and reliable product advice. Try our GREMCO customer service for all technical questions regarding your specific application. We will guide you safely and competently to find the perfect insulating tube FEP coil product to satisfy your needs.

GREMCO’s FEP coils are also available according to special customer designs.

FEP coils for water treatments

Features of GREMCO FEP coils

Material: FEP Temperature range: up to over 230°C Request now
Color: transparent Melting point: 253°C – 282°C
Dimensions: individual Special features: extreme chemical resistance

Specific application possibilities & advantages

  • Very high transmission rate
  • Excellent transparency
  • Specific customer designs available
  • Very suitable for water treatment
UV-coils made of FEP

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