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GREMCO cables with MIL-W-22759 certification

MIL-certified wires & cables


GREMCO’s MIL wires and cables are available in all current standards such as MIL-W-22759, MIL-W-16878 and many more. These industrial wires and cables are flame-retardant and resistant to chemical loads. Moreover, MIL standards also offer very good chemical resistance and have thin as well as light insulation. As a result, wires and cables require little space and have a low dead weight.

To round off our MIL products, they also possess high abrasion resistance and are temperature resistant up to a maximum of 260°C in continuous operation. At GREMCO, we can offer you any desired quantity within an acceptable period at a reasonable price.

MIL wires and cables are most often used in the navy, in military equipment and in the aviation industry, though civilian applications such as those in the automotive industry also benefit from MIL standards.

Our GREMCO MIL – wires & cables are available in a wide range of standards.

Variation of MIL-certfied cables from GREMCO

Features of GREMCO MIL – wires & cables

Material: according to MIL – standard Temperature range: depending on MIL – standard Request now
Color: according to MIL – standard Size: according to MIL – standard

Specific Application Possibilities & Advantages

  • All major MIL standards available
  • Non-flammable
  • Mechanically resistant
  • Chemically resistant
  • Thin & light insulation
Selection of MIL-certified wires

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