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Individualized cables

Special cables and custom products


In the field of special cables and custom-made products, we are very proud of our partnership with New England Wire Technologies. This American company specializes in the production of individual cables and has impressively demonstrated its expertise with, for example, the Apollo space program or the lightest computer mouse in the world.

GREMCO serves as a processing partner for NEWT in German-speaking countries and ensures that clients receive the optimal product solution without language barriers. In addition, we handle the purchasing and delivery of goods.

New England Wire Technologies can manufacture up to a maximum of AWG 56, which, for illustration purposes, is half as thin as an average hair. Alongside the Apollo mission and the lightest Wren gaming mouse, NEWT was also involved in the cabling of the particle accelerator at CERN. NEWT’s expertise nevertheless also covers other application areas such as effective cancer research in medical engineering and fine windings in electric motors.

If you need a custom cable for a specific application, please do not hesitate to contact GREMCO’s customer service engineers. We will quickly and easily help you find the perfect product solution. Speak to us today, and try for yourself.

Our GREMCO/NEWT special cables are able to meet customer-specific requirements down to the finest detail.

Custom-made cable at GREMCO

Features of GREMCO special cables / special designs

Material: individual Temperature range: individual Request now
Color: individual Size: individual

Specific Application Possibilities & Advantages

  • Cross-industry application possibilities
  • Customized design
  • Low purchase quantity (305 m)
  • Leading expert for special solutions in cable technology
  • Innovative standards
Customizable GREMCO cables for your application

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