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UL-certified GREMCO cables

UL-certified wires & cables


Even at sustained maximum temperatures of up to 260°C, GREMCO’s UL cables remain fully operational and deliver the customary quality. They are self-extinguishing and, depending on the application, available in different dielectric strengths. For example, we manufacture industrial UL cables with 300V, 600V and 1000V to comprehensively cater to your application.

The most prominent advantage of a UL certification is the ability to quickly and easily export to Anglo-American regions. Despite the many variations, all UL standards enable the certified product to be used in such areas.

Typical fields of application with high UL demand are those involving medical devices, household appliances and consumer electronics, though our UL wires and cables are also used in other electrical and electronic devices delivered, for example, to the United States.

Our GREMCO UL wires and cables have a dielectric strength of over 1000V

Easily exportable wires with UL-certificate

Features of GREMCO UL – wires & cables

Material: depending on UL – standard Temperature range: depending on UL – standard Request now
Color: according to UL – standard Size: all relevant AWGs / on request

Specific Application Possibilities & Advantages

  • All relevant UL standards available
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Individual dielectric strength
  • Exported to the Anglo-American area
GREMCO cables and wires with UL-standards certification

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