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GREMCO FITCOFLEX braided tube variation

FITCO®Crash impact and collision protection sleeves


High-quality and universally applicable FITCOFLEX® fabric hoses made of 100% recyclable, self-extinguishing, colored and halogen-free material. Due to its robust construction, FITCO®Crash offers high-quality mechanical protection that can be useful, for example, on edges or in other harsh environmental conditions.

That said, it can still be used in a variety of sectors such as in the automotive field, in aeronautics, in environmental engineering and in industry. It is ideally suited for protection against the physical, mechanical and chemical conditions predominant in these industrial branches.
FITCOFLEX® FITCO®Crash fabric hosing is a soft, flexible tubing that is perfect for bundling and protecting sensitive components under extreme conditions. Unlike conventional Kevlar® sleeving for impact and collision protection, FITCO®Crash is not braided using aramid fibers, but rather is made from very tightly woven polyester. However, it has similar properties to those of Kevlar®: durability, pliability and exceptional tension and traction.

Its advantage of FITCO®Crash, over Kevlar®, is its significantly greater protection against pressure and impact, which, in various tests, was superior to that of the softer Kevlar®.

Our impact protection FITCO®Crash fabric hoses
are also available in orange for marking high voltage cables.

Fabric hose for crash- and collision protection

Features of FITCO®Crash braided tubing

Color: black / orange Temperature range: – 70°C to + 150°C Request now
Color: black Temperature range: – 70°C to + 150°C Request now

Specific applications & advantages

  • Bundling
  • Kink and abrasion protection
  • Impact protection
  • Wrap (self-retracting for subsequent installation)
Fabric hose for crash- and collision protection

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