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GREMCO’s heat protection products are customized and specially manufactured for your application. This results in a variety of unique products, which can be used at high ambient temperatures in industries ranging from the automotive sector to aviation. Our heat protection products can protect your application from radiant heat, isolate the heat in a specific area, or protect the application area from open flames.

We guarantee optimal protection even for sensitive areas such as hydraulic lines, transport hoses and cabling of all kinds. Even in the industrial areas of blast furnaces, forges, steel foundries, exhaust gas recirculation, exhaust systems and the engine compartment, our high-quality products are ideally suited to protect your application.

Since our heat protection products are manufactured specifically for your application, please contact GREMCO’s customer service engineers. We will assist you with all questions and technical aspects in a professional and straightforward manner – from product selection right up to delivery at your door.

GREMCO heat reflector for cables

Innovative moldings for optimal adaptation in the most difficult environments

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Why GREMCO heat protection products?

Thanks to their customized production for specific application areas, GREMCO’s heat protection products offer optimum protection against all kinds of heat effects. In particular, we offer products protecting against open flames, preventing heat escapes (contact protection) and protecting against radiant heat.

We pay special attention to the manufacturing process in order to ensure that the important coating of the products is flawless. In case of fires, this guarantees you the maximum functional integrity of essential cables and wires, as well as of other sensitive applications.

To this end, we use fibreglass hose inner cores, which are textured and spun to prevent rapid burning. Combined with the high-quality coatings from acrylic to silicone, our products will bring out the maximum of your individual application.

Our heat protection products – your advantages:

  • Quality goods owing to GREMCO’s standards
  • No rapid burning
  • Customer-specific product advice
  • Best function maintenance at high temperatures
  • Customized production
GREMCO heat reflector for cables

Product overview – GREMCO Heat Protection

At GREMCO, we believe that our customers can get the most out of their applications with our special 360° technical customer service. That is why we provide you with individualized advice from trained engineering specialists and guarantee products of the highest quality standard.

Our unique service allows us to offer customer-specific heat protection products as well as the customary product portfolio. We offer a variety of customized heat protection product solutions and, owing to our more than 30 years of experience, we are able to provide you with expert and professional advice on a wide range of applications in medical and environmental engineering as well as in the automotive, aviation and general industries.

Convince yourself with our product overview, and realize the full potential of your application.

GREMCO cable heat protection solution

Heat protection reflector FITCO®Flect

GREMCO cable heat protection

Heat protection FITCO®Therm

GREMCO heat protection for flames

Flame protection FireShield®

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can heat protection products be used?

Our GREMCO heat protection products are used, for example, at high ambient temperatures inside motor vehicles in the engine compartment. This protects surrounding sensitive areas from radiant heat.

Other such heat protection products can serve as contact protection so that no heat can escape to the outside. This is the case, inter alia, with exhaust gas recirculation. A third application is as protection against open flames, as is necessary in steel foundries, forges and areas with blast furnaces.

Heat protection products are also indispensable in aircraft, though, since they can guarantee the functionality of the control system until landing in the event of an emergency (fire, engine failure, etc.). Sensitive cables and lines as well as hydraulic and tubing areas remain functional and withstand even the most severe conditions. Then, only the cost-effective protective heat products tend to need replacement instead of the expensive lines.

Which material is relevant for my heat protection product?

The materials and composition of our heat protection products differ depending on the application. For protection against radiant heat, we use an aluminum-coated fiberglass hose which is, in turn, braided. Especially with coatings, the quality of the material used is crucial.

In order to ensure that heat does not escape to the outside, we produce fiberglass hoses with an acrylic or silicone coating. Acrylic is more cost-effect than silicone, but the latter is significantly more resistant to high temperatures. In order to meet each individual application, we often use mixtures of both materials.

For protection against open flames, we use textured and spun fiberglass sleeving with a full silicone coating. This prevents rapid burning and, thereby, guarantees the functional integrity of the area to be protected.

How do I know which heat protection product I need?

The right choice of heat protection product is crucial for a result-oriented application. It can be difficult to keep track of the relevant criteria, as we do not have a classic product repertoire in the field of heat protection, but rather produce a tailor-made product for each customer individually.

As a rule, the most important criteria to consider are the specific application (e.g. do you not want the heat to escape or penetrate?), the presence of open flames, the material, required approvals and the color of your heat protection product. Make sure these characteristics are fully clarified. It is for this reason that we happily invite you to test GREMCO’s technical customer service.

We will give you professional and straight-forward advice on all relevant technical questions. In order that you receive the perfect product solution, we will accompany you from the decision-making process all the way to delivery at your door.

What temperatures can my heat protection product withstand?

Depending on the product class and application, our heat protection products can withstand temperature ranges up to 1100°C. This is required, for example, in the case of open flames. At the same time, we distinguish between short-term maximum temperatures and sustained, continuous stress.

For example, our FireShield heat protection hose can withstand temperatures of up to 1100°C for a short period (15-20 min.). For sustained maximum temperatures, it guarantees a load of 260°C.

Therefore, it is essential that you clarify in advance whether your individual application involves a short-term load or a sustained, continuous temperature. We will furthermore be happy to advise you on the perfect heat protection problem solution in order to get the best out of your application. Please do not hesitate to speak to our trained engineering specialists.

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Whether standard applications, special designs or complete system solutions – we are able to respond quickly to your heat protection enquiries, help with technical questions and develop solution concepts. We look back on many years of experience in the field of heat protection, and we excel owing to our expertise and Germany’s customary premium quality. With GREMCO’s heat protection products, we are constantly setting new standards through continuous innovation in cooperation with our customers from the automotive, aerospace, environmental and medical engineering industries. In recent years, we have also been continuously building up technical expertise in other industrial sectors and tailoring our products to the needs of our customers.

Our highly qualified sales manager Günter Fersch is looking forward to hearing from you.