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In the field of wires & cables GREMCO is represented with a standardized product repertoire as well as with special cables & custom-made products. Our single and multiple cables are also available with various MIL and UL standards in order to be ideally suited for use in areas subject to approval.

To ensure that our cables can also be used in demanding areas, we manufacture PTFE/FEP cables. On the one hand, these are resistant to high temperatures, on the other hand, they can withstand maximum chemical loads.

Other specialties are our hybrid cables & the special cables mentioned at the beginning. Here we are proud of our long-standing partnership with the American company New England Wire Technologies. Through this cooperation, we are able to design and manufacture individually manufactured wires & cables according to your wishes.  This includes the so-called Litzwire, where every single copper wire is insulated to minimize negative electromagnetic effects.

All our wires & cables for various industries are created in close cooperation with you so that you can exploit the full potential of your application.

Flexible High Temperature Resistant Silicone Cable

Customized special cables

UL cable

UL and MIL standardized wires & cables

Why wires & cables from GREMCO?

GREMCO wires & cables are available self-extinguishing and thanks to the thin insulation they have a low own weight and can be integrated in a space-saving way. In addition to high-quality products, we are able to manufacture metric and AWG cross-sections up to detailed ranges.

Despite the market standard product portfolio, we are specialized in special areas of cable development. This includes the high-temperature range, chemical resistance as well as customized cable productions of Litzwires and similar cable components.  This also includes hybrid cables, which are a combination of media-carrying hoses and electrical cables and are often used in medical technology or the automotive industry.

Due to our more than 30 years of experience in customer service and product knowledge, we are the right contact when it comes to approval-required wires & cables or custom-made special cables. Please feel free to test our expert customer service and contact us!

Our wires & cables – your advantage:

  • Individual customization
  • Available with MIL or UL approvals
  • High shelf life
  • High temperature resistant
  • Max. chemical resistance

Product Overview Cables & Wires

We at GREMCO convince with our individual consulting and our products on highest quality standard. The special service enables us to offer customized wires & cables as well as the usual market product portfolio.

We offer a wide range of wires & cables and other special products such as Litzwiren and are able to provide you with expert and professional advice on a wide variety of applications in the automotive industry, aviation, medical technology, environmental technology and general industry.

Convince yourself by our product overview and get the maximum out of your application.

MIL wire & cable

MIL wire & cable

UL wire & cable

UL wire & cable

Coaxial cable

Coaxial cable

Litz wire

Litz wire

Silicone wire & cables

Silicone wire & cables

PTFE / FEP wire & cables

PTFE / FEP wire & cables

Hybrid cable

Hybrid cable

Special cable & custom-made products

Special cable & custom-made products

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Litzwire?

A Litzwire consists of many small individual copper wires. Each of them is specially insulated to minimize any negative electrical effects (skin effect, proximity). In addition, the arrangement of the individual strands is “messy” and as random as possible. This has the purpose to minimize further negative electromagnetic effects, which occur from about 50 khz.

In addition, these Litzwires are very space-saving with a high energy density.

These “bundles” are used for example in motor windings or inductive heating elements. But also in inductive charging stations or the general increase in efficiency (from 400 khz) in higher frequency ranges, the use of such Litzwire is useful.

How do custom cables work?

Our special cables and custom cables are created with our close partner New England Wire Technologies. This American company is one of the leading cable manufacturers. Through constant innovation, we are able to manufacture cables to desired dimensions and characteristics in cooperation with NEWT.


For this purpose we arrange a meeting with NEWT together with you after your cable inquiry. There you can express your wishes and suggestions in order to create the perfect product solution for you together with us. We will also accompany you through all the other necessary steps, right up to delivery to your door.

What is meant by hybrid cables?

Hybrid cables are a very broad field. The basic definition describes a combination of media-carrying hoses together with electrical cables. For this purpose, hoses with several openings are often used, which are called multilumen hoses. These are used, for example, in medical technology, for catheters, biopsy forceps or in endoscopy.

But these cables are also used in general industry. Among other things, liquids to be transported are already heated to the desired temperature on their way through the hose by the adjacent cable.

What do I need MIL & UL cables for?

Die übliche Temperatur, um einen Schrumpfschlauch zu schrumpfen liegt im Normalfall bei 200°C. Es ist oftmals aber kein Problem eine höhere Temperatur zu verwenden, da im Datenblatt immer die Mindestschrumpftemperatur angegeben ist. Beispielsweise wenn Sie zum erhitzten einen Heißluft Föhn als Verarbeitungsgerät nutzen, werdeMIL- cables are mostly necessary for military purposes, but are also used more and more often in civilian applications. Since the wires and cables marked by this standard are incombustible, mechanically durable, chemically resistant and thin and lightly insulated, you will find a large number of possible applications. There is not “the” MIL standard, but many different ones. The variations of MIL- standards mark different combinations of specific product properties. The great advantage of MIL cables is that all product properties are defined from the outset by the marking and can be adhered to 100%.

UL cables have a broader field of application. They are required in order to be able to export cables to the Anglo-Saxon region. Here, too, there are different versions of the UL standard, which define, for example, the temperature resistance, the dielectric strength or the flammability.n Sie Temperaturen um die 400°C erreichen. Grundsätzlich gilt, je höher die verwendete Temperatur liegt desto schneller schrumpft der Schlauch. Jedoch Achtung bei der Lagerung, denn auch unterhalb der Schrumpftemperatur kann ein Schrumpfschlauch beginnen zu schrumpfen (jedoch dann nicht vollständig). Ein normaler Haarföhn ist dafür ungeeignet. Weitere mögliche Produkte zum Schrumpfen sind Heißluftpistolen, Lötkolben und Schrumpföfen/Infrarotöfen.

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Whether standard application, custom-made or complete system solutions – we are able to react quickly to your wire & cable request, to help with technical questions and to develop solution concepts. We look back on many years of experience in the field of wires & cables and convince with expertise and the usual premium quality from Germany & America. For example, we continue to set new standards with New England Wire Technologies through constant innovation in collaboration with our customers in the automotive, aerospace, environmental and medical industries. We have also continuously built up technical expertise in other industrial sectors over the years and tailored products to meet the needs of our customers.

Our highly qualified employee Günter Fersch is looking forward to hearing from you!