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GREMCO FITCOFLEX® with metal-braided shield

Metal braided hosing – Shielding braid FITCOFLEX® SGS 95


High-quality and universally applicable round braided metal shields for electromagnetic screening of cable harnesses especially in aerospace and military applications. FITCOFLEX® SGS-95 features enhanced stability and simplified installation due to a molded and removable PVC tube. Its main application is to shield sensitive cables against electromagnetic influences and high frequency interference. This occurs by means of an EVM shield. Our optimal shielding is guaranteed by our special copper wire braiding. FITCOFLEX® SGS 95 is suitable for use at higher ambient temperatures and for harsh environments. Nevertheless, it can still be used in various fields such as in the automotive sector, in environmental engineering and in industry. With its very high optical coverage of over 95%, FITCOFLEX® SGS-95 offers the optimal electrical shielding of your cables and wires.

Our SGS95 Fitcoflex® metal-braided hoses
are also available with customer-specific special designs.

Shielding FITCOFLEX® hose covered with a metal-braid

Features of metal braided hosing

Material: CuSn Installation: removable PVC hose Request now
Color: silver Monofilament thickness:
Fire behaviour: Special feature: Optical coverage of > 95%

Specific applications & advantages

  • Kink and abrasion protection
  • EMC shielding
  • Bundling
Shielding FITCOFLEX® hose covered with a metal-braid

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