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GREMCO insulating tube



GREMCO’s insulating tubes are available with diverse material properties and in various designs. Whether you need PVC, PUR, PTFE or other cable protection options – at GREMCO, you can find these and more in your desired lengths, wall thicknesses and colors.

Special cable protection conduits, such as halogen-free or heat-resistant insulating sleeves, are also available at GREMCO upon request. Owing to their excellent insulating properties, our cable protection products can even hold up in highly aggressive environments and under demanding conditions in general. This allows us to offer a wide range of possible applications, such as in medical engineering, the aerospace and environmental industries and many others.
As market leader in PTFE inner linings for sheaths in mechanical operating cables, GREMCO GmbH has also been a reliable supplier and competent contact for prestigious, premium manufacturers in the automotive industry for years.

If you would like to receive technical advice on your insulating hose, our GREMCO customer service engineers will help you quickly and simply with all questions and problems concerning cable protection. Speak to our trained technical staff for a fast and easy solution.

Insulating tube made of silicone

Cross-industry application possibilities

Coated glas silk sleeve

High-temperature resistant and flexible quality products

ePTFE-Membrane made of extruded PTFE

Innovative & individual product solutions

Why GREMCO insulating tubes?

Thanks to our GREMCO quality standards, GREMCO’s insulation hoses offer you reliable protection both under the tightest bend radii and in environments with exceptionally high or low temperatures.

Cable insulation specifically adapted to your needs is a matter of course for us, and we also offer chemically and mechanically resilient versions. In doing so, we make use of our strength for insulating hoses, our years of experience and our outstanding technical customer service in all respective core areas.

In this respect, our in-depth know-how makes us the leading contact for projects in aviation and medical engineering as well as in the automotive, environmental and general industries.

With our wide range of unique insulating hose products, we can meet your company’s requirements – speak to us today!

Our insulating tubes– your advantages:

  • Quality goods thanks to GREMCO standards
  • Available with various approvals
  • Customer-specific material properties
  • Characteristic color variations
  • Customized dimensions
PTFE liner

Product Overview – Insulating Tubes

At GREMCO, we provide you with individualized advice from trained, technical specialists and guarantee products of the highest quality standard. Our unique service enables us to offer both customer-specific insulating hoses as well as the customary product portfolio.

We offer a wide range of insulating hoses and other insulating products (such as PTFE liners, FEP spirals and glass silk hoses) and are able to provide you with expert and professional advice on a wide variety of applications in the automotive sector, aviation, medical engineering, environmental technology and general industry.

Convince yourself with our product overview, and get the most out of your application with GREMCO’s insulating hoses.

Insulating tube made of PVC

PVC insulating tube

Cable insulation made of PUR

PUR insulating tube

Inuslation tubes made of PTFE (Teflon®) or FEP

PTFE, FEP (Teflon®) insulating tube

Insulating tube made of silicone

Silicone insulating tube

Cable insulation made of glass silk

Coated fiberglass sleeving for electrical insulation

Protective tubing made of PUR or PE

Foamed tubing from PUR, PE, EPDM

High-pressure and gas hoses

High-pressure hoses

Corrugated tubes as abrasion protection

Corrugated tube from PVC, PP, and more

FEP coils for uv-water treatment plants


ePTFE Membranes for innovative solutions

ePTFE Membranes from extruded PTFE

cable liner made of PTFE

PTFE cable liners

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Cable protection for your company

In this YouTube video of our channel, we discuss the different types of insulating hoses offered by GREMCO. Our sales engineer covers the individual product and material properties, as well as their specific fields of application.

Innovative, uncomplicated and customized


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can insulating tubes be used?

GREMCO’S insulating hoses are used in a wide variety of environments. The PTFE liner, for example, is installed as a mechanical actuating cable in automobiles. GREMCO’s insulating hoses are nevertheless also commonly found in other industries. In this respect, PUR/PVC hoses are installed in mechanical roller blinds to insulate against noise and to maintain the necessary distance, while so-called FEP spirals are commonly used for “water purification”.

If you would like to know the ideal application of a GREMCO insulating hose product for your company, please contact our trained technical specialists. We will show you potential areas of use and develop the ideal solution for you.

Which material is relevant for my insulating hose?

Insulating hoses differ depending on the raw material or on the combination used and, for this reason, constitute a very wide product field. Silicone insulating hoses, for example, can provide high elasticity with simultaneous heat resistance, while PTFE insulating hoses are used more for their high resistance to abrasion and aggressive chemicals.

At GREMCO, our PVC insulating hoses are available in a variety of colors and, therefore, can be successfully used for labeling. Countless other materials and combinations are also included in our GREMCO product portfolio. If you have any further questions, please contact our straight-forward customer service engineers. We are here for you.

How do I know which insulating tube I need?

The right choice of insulating hose is crucial for a result-oriented use of the product. It can be difficult to keep track of the relevant criteria, as we already have a four-figure repertoire of products in the area of insulating hoses. As a rule, the most important criteria to consider are length, wall thickness, material, required approvals and color of your cable protection product. Make sure these characteristics are fully clarified.
If you are still unsure, please contact our trained professionals. From the choice of material to the final decision-making process, we will support you at no extra cost in order to guarantee you the optimal product solution. That way, you will avoid costly incorrect purchases and experience the smooth employment of your customized insulating hose product.

What do I need an insulating hose for?

Depending on the application, an insulating sleeve can be used for cable bundling, as cable protection and as electrical and thermal insulation for cables and wires. At the same time, the material composition varies from application to application (for example, PVC, PTFE, FEP, silicone and many other raw materials). At GREMCO, we can also manufacture explicit materials to withstand high mechanical loads or extreme temperatures.

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Janine Gampe

Inside Sales

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Whether standard applications, special designs or complete system solutions – we are able to respond quickly to your insulating hose enquiries, help with technical questions and develop solution concepts. We look back on many years of experience in the field of insulating hoses, and we excel owing to our expertise and Germany’s customary premium quality. With GREMCO’s insulating hoses, we are constantly setting new standards through continuous innovation in cooperation with our customers in the automotive, aerospace, environmental and medical engineering industries. In recent years, we have also been continuously building up technical expertise in other industrial sectors and tailoring our products to the needs of our customers.

Our highly qualified expert Janine Gampe is looking forward to hearing from you.