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Heat protection tubing from GREMCO

Heat protection for thermal insulation


In order to realize the full potential of your application, GREMCO’s heat protection products for thermal insulation are perfectly tailored to your individual use. That is why our protection products for thermal insulation are specially adapted to your requirements and specifications. GREMCO’s FITCO®Therm consists of heat-resistant glass fibers, which are coated with high-quality acrylic and/or silicone. The proportion of acrylic/silicone varies depending on the requirements.

GREMCO’s FITCO®Therm ensures that no heat escapes from the inside to the outside and, in turn, that the desired area remains protected. A wide range of the heat protection tubing applications are offered, such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) in motor vehicles and contact protection in general industry.

GREMCO’s FITCO®Therm tubing is made of braided glass fibers with a special coating that lends the product rigidity and reduces the likelihood of fraying at the ends. The stiff coating also results in a hose that is easy to install over long lengths and is resistant to mechanical abrasion. In addition, FITCO®Therm hosing can withstand continuous heat up to 537°C / 1000°F and provides excellent heat protection for hoses, harnesses, wires and cables.

GREMCO’s FITCO®Therm is available in a variety of styles and, thereby, offers industrial users the ability to select the most appropriate combination of properties for their specific application.


  • Continuous, long-lasting protection (up to 537°C / 1000°F)
  • Eliminates fraying of the ends
  • Attractive appearance

Performance data

The standard product meets the requirements of ESE-M12G17-B (Ford) and ESE-M12G17-C (Ford).


Standard in black or aluminum; other colors are available subject to minimum order quantity.

Special finishes

Dip ends for added fray protection and slits/holes for tube sensors. Furthermore, tube terminations such as clamps or crimped ferrules, which eliminate end fraying and provide a professional appearance.

Typical Applications

Used for thermal insulation and mechanical protection of EGR and thermostat tubes, wire harnesses and cables, industrial hoses and fuel, brake and hydraulic lines.


Our heat protection products for thermal insulation are also available for retrofit installations in an effort to make assembly of the FITCO®Therm as uncomplicated and efficient as possible. We at GREMCO are permanently by your side and invite you to contact our customer service engineers to see for yourself.

Our GREMCO FITCO®Therm heat protection products are individually manufactured for your product solution.

Tube for dependable thermal insulation

Features of GREMCO thermal insulation FITCO®Therm

Material: Fiberglass / Acrylic / Silicone Temperature range: -70°C to + 538°C Request now
Color: Black / more on request Melting point: 1120°C

Specific Application Possibilities & Advantages

  • Individual product solutions – custom-made
  • High quality fiberglass & acrylic/silicone productions
  • Available as retrofit installations
  • Trained customer support engineers
Cable protection from heat

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