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GREMCO Fitcoflex© fabric hose



Our FITCOFLEX® braided sleeving is a monofilament-based braided hose and is used to protect cables, wires, hoses, and pipes from extreme mechanical and thermal stresses. Braided sleeves are highly flexible, allowing them to adapt easily to components, and are available in a variety of materials as well as different degrees of surface coverage. Installation is uncomplicated and fast, for example, to protect against mechanical wear, but also finds applications for cable bundling or as rattle protection.

The special feature is that the lightweight and high flexibility of our FITCOFLEX® cable protection qualifies it for a wide range of industrial applications. The material properties optimized by GREMCO are particularly suitable for use in the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as in medical and environmental technology.

Braided tubing variants for optimum protection of wires and cables

FITCOFLEX® braided tubing is versatile and always ensures first-class preservation of its contents. We offer three different braided sleeving variants: Expandable or self-coiling FITCOFLEX®, and hoses as noise insulation.

You are unsure which variant is the best option for your industrial application? As a long-standing braided sleeving manufacturer, our trained sales team will expertly assist you in finding your optimal system solution. Contact us!

FITCOFLEX fabric hoses for abrasion protection

Mechanical protection against abrasion

GREMCO Fitcoflex© fabric hose thermally resistant

FITCOFLEX® braided tubing for thermal protection

GREMCO FITCOFLEX braided hose for cable bundling

Simple and compact bundling of cables & wires

Why FITCOFLEX® braided tubing from GREMCO?

GREMCO’s FITCOFLEX® braided sleeving is made of flame-retardant or self-extinguishing materials, and can also be supplied halogen-free for special applications.

The mechanical FITCOFLEX® tubing from GREMCO provides optimum abrasion protection for pipes, hoses, cable bundles, and hose systems for industrial cabling. This is due to the particular weave of FITCOFLEX® braided sleeving, which has a low dead weight and, therefore, remains highly flexible.

In addition, expansion rates of up to 3:1 ensure a large number of different diameter ranges. FITCOFLEX® braided sleeves also feature particularly high thermal and chemical resistance and, thereby, allow for their complication-free use in various fields.

Our thermal braided tubing FITCO®Flect and FITCO®Therm have been specially developed for applications with extreme temperature fluctuations. The good flexibility and easy deformability of the thermal fabric hoses enable their use in narrow and winding installation spaces.

With our wide range of unique FITCOFLEX® products, we can meet the requirements of your company – speak to us today.

Our braided tubing – your advantage:

  • Flame-resistant/self-extinguishing material
  • Optimum abrasion protection thanks to FITCOFLEX® technology
  • Highly flexible due to low dead weight
  • Available in different fire classes and monofilament thicknesses
  • Also available halogen-free
Fabric hose for crash- and collision protection

Product Overview – Braided Tubing

At GREMCO, we stand out through our individualized advice and the top quality standard of our products. Our special service enables us to offer both customer-specific fabric hoses and the customary product portfolio.

Convince yourself with our braided sleeves product overview and get the most out of your application with FITCOFLEX®.

Lightweight, recyclable FITCOFLEX® fabric hose made out of Polyamid (PA)

Braided tubing manufactured from Polyamide (PA)

Farbic hose made of PET (Polyester) in various monofilament thicknesses

Braided tubing from Polyester (PET)

Fabric hose for crash- and collision protection

Impact protection
braided tubing FITCO®Crash


Braided tubing with shielding metal braid


braided tubing

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Cable protection for your company

This video examines two different types of braided protective tubing, expandable and self-retracting, and how their installation process is performed by means of a practical example. Furthermore, you will learn more about how to use a hot cutting machine to lengthen the braided sleeving and how this technique differs from cold cutting.

Versatile, uncomplicated and customizable


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I install braided tubing?

The professional installation of your braided sleeving depends on the product type. A braided tube made of PET/PA is braided/woven and, in turn, is expandable. Therefore, compress the tube to obtain an increased radius. Afterward, you can easily move the hose into the desired position, since the hose automatically expands again owing to the push-back effect.

If you have a shrinking braided sleeving, it should have a larger radius than the cable to be enclosed. Pull the hose over the cable, and heat the tube to the required shrinking temperature. You will get the best result if you use a professional application tool.

What is a braided tube?

A braided sleeve is usually made of polyamide (PA) or polyethylene (PET), although there are also several other atypical materials. The area of application of braided sleeving is universal, since its oil resistance, flexibility, mechanical protective properties and resistance to chemicals and UV rays make it interesting for almost all industries. The most common use of braided tubing is as an abrasion-resistant cable protection sleeve since its special weave enables a closed surface with an opaque structure.

How do I know which braided tube I need?

The right choice of the braided sleeve is essential for the successful use of the product. Since there is a multitude of possible criteria that could be relevant for you, we have a three-figure repertoire of different products in the area of braided sleeving alone. The strength of the monofilament, the material used, the maximum temperature, the necessary approvals or the possibility of labeling are only a few of the most important characteristics that must be clear when selecting the braided tube. That is why we at GREMCO are not simply one of many braided sleeve manufacturers – we have specially trained personnel who will provide you with professional support in the decision-making process. Our individualized customer consultation service in the field of braided sleeving helps you to avoid unnecessary incorrect purchases and ensures the smooth employment of the most suitable hose.

What temperature does braided tubing need?

The usual temperature to shrink a braided sleeving is around 200 °C. However, it is often not a problem to use a higher temperature, since the datasheet always indicates the minimum shrinking temperature. For example, if you use a hot-air blow-dryer as a processing device, you will reach temperatures of around 400 °C. Always make sure that the material to be enclosed also withstands this temperature. In principle, the higher the temperature used, the faster the sleeving shrinks. However, be careful when storing because, even below the shrinking temperature, a fabric sleeve can begin to shrink (although not completely). A normal hairdryer is not suitable for this. Other possible products for shrinking are heat guns, soldering irons, and shrinking/infrared ovens.

What do I need braided tubing for?

From high temperatures and abrasion to wear and optical marking, industrial cables and wires are exposed to a wide range of adverse environmental factors. Without protective braided sleeving, cables, and lines tend to fail prematurely. Therefore, we offer self-closing, self-retracting, and shrinking braided sleeves for optimal mechanical protection. For special applications, GREMCO also provides additional products in various grades for impact protection and as shielding braid. Due to the different designs, you can incorporate braided sleeving both during and after the production process in order to improve the quality of your cables and wires.

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Whether standard applications, special designs, or complete system solutions – we are able to respond quickly to your fabric hose inquiries, help with technical questions and develop solution concepts. We look back on many years of experience in the field of braided tubing, and we excel owing to our expertise and Germany’s customary premium quality. With FITCOFLEX®, we are constantly setting new standards through continuous innovation in cooperation with our customers from the automotive, aviation, environmental, and medical engineering industries. In recent years, we have also been continuously building up technical expertise in other industrial sectors and tailoring our products to the needs of our customers. Our highly qualified employee Günter Fersch looks forward to hearing from you.