Fluoropolymer dual-wall (PTFE/FEP) Heat-Shrink Tubing

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GREMCO Fitcotube® shrink tubes

PTFE / FEP dual wall heat-shrink tubing


Semi-rigid, abrasion-resistant, non-flammable FITCOTUBE® heat shrink tubing for reliable insulation and excellent mechanical protection of cables and components. The combination of the durable outer PTFE layer and FEP inner lining makes the double-walled FITCOTUBE® made of fluoroplastics particularly durable and exhibits high temperature resistance. They are also ideal for use in permanently high ambient temperatures and for protecting soldered and crimped connections, thanks to their moisture-proof and flame-retardant properties.

Thanks to GREMCO’s innovative manufacturing process, our double-walled PTFE / FEP FITCOTUBE® fluoroplastic heat shrink tubing is perfect for sealing and can easily withstand chemical stresses. The PTFE / FEP heat shrinkable tubing is often called “dual-wall” heat shrinkable tubing, because it is made of a PTFE heat shrinkable tubing with a FEP core. Both PTFE and FEP belong to the fluoroplastics material category. Frequently they are used to seal high temperature wire connections (hot lead and cold lead connections) or to encapsulate temperature sensors in a temperature-intensive operating environment, for example in electro mobility, medical technology or aerospace applications.

Our double-walled, fluoroplastic FITCOTUBE® heat-shrink tubes are also available with special MIL or UL approvals.

GREMCO dual-walled FITCOTUBE® heat shrink product made od Fluorpolymers

Features of the Fluoropolymer dual-wall heat-shrink tubing

Material: PTFE/FEP core Temperature range: – 190°C to + 205°C Request now
Color: transparent/milky Shrinking temperature: +330°C
Certifications: Shrinking ratio: 1,5:1


Specific applications & advantages

  • Electronic insulation of cable and wire connections
  • Kink and abrasion protection
  • Strain and bend relief
  • Sealing
  • Isolation of sensors
GREMCO Cable protection with adhesive lining

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