Foamed Tubing (PUR, PE, EPDM)

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FITCO®Foam made from PU

Foamed insulation hosing (PUR, PE, EPDM)


GREMCO’s foamed insulating hoses can be used in a wide variety of applications owing to the observance of strict tolerances. From rattle protection and windshield wiper systems to mechanical actuation cables, these foamed insulation hoses are ideally suited, thanks to the wide range of available foam materials. With PE, for example, we offer a homogeneous and cost-effective product, whilst our PUR is extruded and exhibits enhanced fire performance.

We are also able to produce foamed EPDM insulation hosing. Should you require any expert advice on materials, please do not hesitate to contact GREMCO’s customer service engineers. We will advise you in a quick and straightforward manner on your foam application.

Our GREMCO foam insulation hoses also maintain exact tolerances.

GREMCO PE or PU foam tubing for cable insulation

Features of GREMCO foamed insulating hoses

Material: PE Temperature range: -40°C to + 80°C Request now
Farbe: Gray Special features: Homogeneous & cost efficient

Other versions

Material: PUR Temperature range: -40°C to + 100°C Request now
Farbe: Gray Special features: very flexible

Specific Application Possibilities & Advantages

  • Extruded and homogeneous
  • Versatile application possibilities
  • Optimum noise damping
GREMCO FITCO®Foam made from PE

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