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GREMCO wires and cables: Litz wire

Litz wire / High frequency litz wire


Stranded wires are specially manufactured copper strands that are individually insulated and baked into a bundle. In detail, the Litz wire consists of individual (ultra) fine enameled copper wires. The purpose of this is to minimize certain negative electrical effects (skin effect, proximity).

The product is also called high-frequency Litz wire because these negative effects only occur above approx. 50 kHz. In order to minimize additional negative electromagnetic effects, the individual copper strands are arranged randomly.

This opens up various areas of application, such as motor windings, inductive charging stations, or heating elements. However, stranded wires are also being used more and more frequently in general e-mobility, as energy efficiency can be increased, especially in high-frequency ranges.

If you are also interested in customized high-frequency stranded wires, please feel free to test our trained GREMCO customer service.

Our GREMCO stranded wires / high-frequency stranded wires are able to meet customer-specific requirements down to the smallest detail.

High-quality litz wire selection

Features of GREMCO high-frequency litz wires

Material: Copper Temperature range: Envelope dependent Request now
Color: Bronze Size: All relevant AWGs / on request

Specific Application Possibilities & Advantages

  • Cross-industry application possibilities
  • Customized design
  • Maximum electrical efficiency
  • Significantly reduced space requirement
  • High energy density
GREMCO litz wire for application in high-frequency areas

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