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Insulation Hosing – ePTFE Membranes


GREMCO’s ePTFE membranes are highly heat-resistant and, thereby, enable temperatures of over 300°C. In addition, nothing adheres owing to the insulation tubing made of PTFE. By virtue of its stretching, the material also develops micrometer-sized pores, which are needed for filtering processes. Combined with high-quality production, this gives rise to a very resilient material maintaining maximum chemical resistance. ePTFE membranes simultaneously prove to be abrasion-resistant with optimal sliding properties.

This combination of best properties guarantees an optimal filtering process for sectors such as the food industry. This special version of insulation hosing is far superior to conventional ceramic filters, since there is no risk of fragility and chemical cleaning does not pose a problem.

Our ePTFE membranes are available in different variations, which are tailored to your individual application. Please feel free to contact our expert GREMCO customer service engineers to get the maximum potential out of your application.

Our GREMCO ePTFE membranes
are available in different variations for your individual application.

Properties GREMCO insulating hoses as ePTFE mebranes

Material: PTFE Temperature range: up to over 300°C Request now
Color: black / white / red Melting point: + 327°C
Dimensions: variable Special feature: max. chemical resistant

Specific application possibilities & advantages

  • Very high surface area
  • Maximum chemical resistance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Over 300°C possible

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We would be happy to advise you on our product range and the possible applications of the GREMCO insulating hose as an ePTFE membrane. Please contact us!

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