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Heat reflector for radiant heat


GREMCO’s heat reflectors are perfectly tailored to your individual application to achieve maximum protection. That is why our protection products for radiant heat are specially adapted to your demands and requirements.

GREMCO’s VitReflect® is a flexible, aluminum-coated fiberglass sleeve used to protect components in high-temperature areas. An aluminized thermal protection film is covered with a braided fiberglass sleeve so as to form a seamless barrier against radiant heat. The flexibility of VitReflect® allows it to easily adapt to complex geometric shapes.

The smooth outer surface of GREMCO’s VitReflect® protects components from both extreme radiant heat and abrasion. VitReflect® protects cable harnesses, hosing and pipes from the effects of radiant heat.

Our heat protection is used in a variety of applications ranging from automotive engine compartments to general industry. Particularly sensitive cables and wires, Bowden cables and hosing can be perfectly protected in this way.

Our heat reflectors can also be installed afterwards in order to make retrofitting as uncomplicated as possible. If you are interested in such a product, we recommend you contact GREMCO’s customer support engineers. We will be happy to advise and help you as quickly and professionally as possible.

Customer-specific 3D molded parts

Through customized CAD programming, we are able to produce industrial 3-D VitReflect® components. Such 3D molded parts can serve both generic and specific purposes. For example, they are manufactured as heat protection sheathing for water pumps in the automotive sector or as thermal protection for electrical connectors.

GREMCO’s heat reflectors can be produced individually as 3D molded parts

3D molded parts for optimal heat protection

Properties GREMCO heat protection reflectors

Material: fiberglass / aluminum Temperature range: up to 200°C Request now
Color: Silver Feature: retrofit available

Specific application possibilities & advantages

  • Individualized product solutions – custom-made
  • High quality fiberglass & aluminum production
  • Available as retrofit installations
  • Trained customer support engineers

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